What is SEO?????

SEO means the Search Engine Optimization. It is a process to better the public attention on webpage using natural (without payment) Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This target is attained by operation of search engine familiar website architecture. There are number of SEO Services and techniques which support to enhancement of the organic search engine ranking of a website.

There are two kinds of SEO:-

  1. White hat SEO (good type of SEO)
  2. Black hat SEO (bad type SEO)

The digital landscape is switching dramatically over the previous decades but SEO yet rest an effective marketing strategy. While there are number of advantage to a best SEO scheme.

I select the top benefits to avail you to understand, why SEO is amazing?

  1. We can step up our website traffic without having to pay per click (PPC).
  2. SEO provides 24 /7 service to promote website. It never sleeps and increase the website traffic whole day. First your website on top, your business will promote while you are sleeping.
  3. Peak position on the search engine result pages (SERPs) get a bulk of impression and click, so ranking in these peak positions can solution in significant traffic gain for your webpage. SEO also concentrate on making informative and keywords suitable title tags and Meta descriptions, which display in the resultant page. Tags and description helps to increase the promotion of website.
  4. SEO establish faith and integrity with your audience because people faith on Google.
  5. SEO is a long term scheme. If you are on peak position, you rarely come down. The only logic this would switch by cause of going up SEO competition or revision in Google algorithm.
  6. SEO boost your brand awareness and equity.
  7. SEO gain more clicks than pay per clicks. Because many visitors skip paid advertisements. You can get more traffic than the advertisers on similar keywords.
  8. SEO can step up your website references. Because your website users refer your website to their friends.
  9. SEO is a major giver to run offline sales, because the people utilizing search engine to work out their research but they might visit your store or make phone call to buy your product.
  10. Once your website is come on top position, you can start to enlarge your website to target other keywords. SEO help you to enter in the new market.
  11. SEO grow up the value of your business, number of customers search strong SEO ranking as a valuable unreal goods or capitals.
  12. SEO boost your social media followers and also increment in blog traffic.

Disadvantages of SEO are following:

  1. Google algorithm revisions very fast so the results are not consistent. It take long time for SEO to display the results.
  2. SEO is not very good for Return of Investment (ROI). It need a lot of time to generate tangible results.
  3. Google is consistently unpredictable with updating such as Panda. Number of SEO tools exercising black hat might grow your website rank very fast, but once your website disclosed for nasty activity, a whole downfall of ranking and blocking of ad serving network.

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