The area of information technology (IT) has seen a lot of advancements from last many decades. The sizes of computer chips are decreasing day by day and the power of computation increasing of the processor. Due to the change of hardware, the software has been developed to efficiently use these hardware. From ninety’s multimedia software are being used by the engineers, doctors, video editors and so on.
The term multimedia comes to production of files by integrating various media. Multimedia is a combination of text, images, audio, video and animation in single files. With the help of multimedia, the information and data may be delivered to a group of people at single time. A different type of software is used to create multimedia files.

We can divide the multimedia projects into two categories:

    1. Linear Multimedia Projects: those projects that do not need any user interaction are called linear multimedia projects. These types of projects proceed, towards the end, automatically after they have started. You are always seeing very small awareness clipping or advertisement on television (TV). They do not necessary any type of interaction as their purpose is just to transfer the information.

    2. Non Linear Multimedia Projects: those projects the need user interactions are called as non linear multimedia projects. The projects are run or move by the choice of user. The projects are most widely used while discussing marketing plans, recommendations strategy and teaching.

Applications of Multimedia
Multimedia is used in every filed of information technology. By using the multimedia tools, the user can take benefits by grasping the attention of the audience through sound and animation effects.

Following are the application of multimedia:

    1. Multimedia in business: it is mostly used in business. Many companies’ sale promoters use multimedia presentations to present the products or policies. Companies are also trained the employees by the use of multimedia. We know the current position and predict the future scope of the product by using multimedia.
    2. Multimedia in science and technologies: it is effectively used in the science and technologies. The multimedia tools are used to analyze the many kinds of element and their chemical compounds. We also drive a car without driver and teach the student without teacher in class, by the using of multimedia techniques.
    3. Multimedia in Education: in modern world, multimedia has changed the way of teaching and learning in modern schools. You can purchase a multimedia Compact Disc (CD) that can teach you very difficult concepts of science, mathematics and computer in very simple way. A one CD contains a full encyclopedia which takes a thousand pages. Internet is another gift for every person of the world, from which any kind of desire information access and download. Internet is an ocean of information, because you can search any type of information regarding your concepts.
    4. Multimedia in Advertisement and Marketing: the advertisement and marketing sector has gained a new shape and look with the evolution of multimedia. It is used by the professional to sale their products and demonstrating the products. Many advertisements are created by multimedia. People get attracted towards the product after watching these advertisements.
    5. Multimedia in Games: gaming is the most demanding sector for multimedia. With the advancement of computer, the demand of games increased. There are several two oar three dimensional games are popular in children. Games like Midtown madness, Loin King, need for speed, Hawks and so on.

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